Stress-free admissions, 7 days a week.

We firmly believe that admitting a loved one to a healthcare facility should never be a stressful process. Grosvenor Park’s dedicated Admissions team works closely with patients and families to ensure that the procedure is pleasant and efficient. At each stage, the Admissions team patiently makes sure that both residents and their families are clear about every step before moving on. The hallmark of our intake process is empathy and dignity, and we’re proud to say it’s completely hassle-free.

Behind the scenes, The Grosvenor Park Health Center Admissions and Social Services staff develop good working relationships with insurance company case managers throughout a patient’s stay, ensuring that all available benefits are maximized and minimizing out-of-pocket expenses. At discharge, we work closely with the insurance company to coordinate post-discharge care and benefits to ensure a smooth transition back to home and communal life.

Planning of Care

Throughout their first week at Grosvenor Park, and then at regular intervals thereafter, every resident is interviewed and assessed by all clinical departments — Nursing, Social Services, Dietary, and Recreation. Virtually every aspect of a resident’s needs — from therapy to diet — are addressed in this process. The clinical team then meets and develops or amends the individualized plan of care specific to the unique needs of each resident, with an eye to making their stay as comfortable and successful as possible.

This interdisciplinary approach weaves together medical and recreational needs with more personal details like preferred shower times and favorite foods. Residents and their family members are encouraged to offer their input at every meeting.

Our Social Service staff maintains close contact with both the resident and the family throughout, as part of our goal to provide exemplary care and ensure resident satisfaction at every stage in their journey to recovery.

Insurance Coverage

Grosvenor Park Health Center accepts Medicare, Medicaid and most major insurance plans. Our knowledgeable Admissions staff is experienced in assisting families in receiving all the benefits the patient is eligible for.


When patients leave us to resume their pre-rehab lifestyle, they leave with as good an impression as when they first arrived. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest quality patient experience throughout every patient’s entire stay. Our Social Service team supplies every patient with all the information they need to receive services near their home. The Admissions office informs the insurance carrier contact of the patient’s needs.

Upon discharge, patients are invited to participate in a quick survey to help us maintain the uncompromising level of our customer satisfaction program and identify opportunities to improve. The survey helps us track our progress and target trends over time. This feedback is promptly shared with appropriate staff so that patients’ thoughts are directly linked to the real business of achieving excellence.