Meals & Nutrition

Fine Dining

Our talented chefs take institutional food to new heights. Grosvenor Park’s Health Center’s dining room, outfitted with linen tablecloths and glassware, offers a mouth-watering array of deliciously prepared and tastefully presented meals.

Our chefs accommodate special diet and individual tastes, and they aim to please every palate. Our residents know that if they’re craving a childhood dish or an ethnic treat, all they need to do is ask and we will gladly try to accommodate.

Our Savor™ program prepares luscious banquets for holidays and other events and we regularly invite family members for food tasting events so they can sample our diverse, gourmet menus. Residents look forward to our gala barbecues where sizzling, perfectly grilled delicacies take center-stage in an evening of food, fun, and friendship.

Every member of our dietary and wait staff receives training in food etiquette, hygiene, and proper table setup so you know your meals are in good hands. On exit surveys from discharged patients, our dietary program consistently gets rave reviews—we work to tempt even the most delicate of appetites. A Registered Dietician oversees every aspect of our dietary program to ensure it meets stringent health standards.